Fantastic mention from Customer

We’ve got fantastic mention from customer purchased our Furoshiki via Etsy

She’s graphic designer  based in Australia and running this stunning blog at my itchy eye.   Here is her previous post for LINK .

We’re so happy to hear customer’s voice from all around the world!   Thank you so much Tracey!



Eye spied – The Link Collective

So… my much anticipated parcel arrived. Hoorah! And in typical Japanese style, my beautiful Furoshiki was packaged to perfection. The outer envelope is made of a robust plastic material, similar to the stuff those giant bags of wholesale grains is stored in (best description I can think of!) and covered in delicious Japanese text. This little beauty is definitely being used again and again. Nestled next to my Furoshiki was a brochure with cute illustrations explaining how to use it. I think mine will spend most of its life as a scarf, always at the ready to transform into a picnic rug, bottle carrier or hand bag, at the flick of a wrist.

The Link Collective have heaps of other gorgeous goodies. Worth a look.

via my itchy eye

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