Internship Opportunity

We’re looking for someone to help with a variety of tasks in the Link business.

If you’re based in Japan with good English and Japanese skills, you’ll get to learn all about running a modern e-commerce brand and Japanese craftsmanship here in Japan. 

International students welcome. This will be a paid internship.

What we need and if you like : 

  • e-commerce 
  • Retail and wholesale marketing both in Japan and abroad. 
  • Craftsman's culture in Japan 
  • SNS marketing 
  • Textile design support  
  • Skills for Japanese and English language 
  • Research for homeware and design stores around the world 
  • Built connections with Japanese makers and retails 
  • Pop up shop or event support and more. 
Working in Japan is sometimes difficult specially for Gaikokujin, but also there's lots of positive chances to spread your ideas and skills, so we would like to encourage as much as possible through experience at Link Collective. 
This is one of our story about how to manage international shipping from Japan as a small team using Ship&co effectively.

If you’re interested, please send us an email with a self introduction.

Looking forward to hearing from you!