LINK NEW DESIGN / 2013 Winter

We launched 4 new Furoshiki today.

“Dots” by San Francisco based designer Lucinda Newton Dunn and ” The Hida Express” by Stockholm based artist Hannah Waldron.

Dots is the third in a series of designs by Lucinda Newton-Dunn based on the concept of folding. This design forms a three dimensional landscape of shape and line, creating an abstracted pattern of wandering valleys, mountains, ridges, peaks and troughs.

The Hida Express is a limited express train that runs from Toyoma to Takayama through the ‘Japanese Alps’. On this journey, all sense of time and orientation seemed to disappear as we snaked, sped, crawled, ambled, rocketed and twisted through mountain upon mountain, every turn revealing rushing rivers and glinting waterfalls only momentarily glanced.

Directly order from our Etsy store.

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Photo : Martin Holtkamp
Model : Chihiro Watai

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