“Desire Line” Japanese Noren Hanging

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  • “Desire Line” Japanese Noren Hanging

“Desire Line” Japanese Noren Hanging

Only 1 left in stock!

“Desire Line” Japanese Noren Hanging

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Size: 900 × 1500 mm (35.4” × 59”)
Material: Indian cotton
Handmade in Japan using traditional indigo dyeing techniques

Noren (暖簾) are Japanese fabric hanging dividers, used to gently define borders between rooms and spaces. By using vertical slits and keeping empty space below the fabric, the scene beyond is partially visible, encouraging passage.

Noren are traditionally used in homes to protect from the elements and provide shade in summer and as entrance curtains to shops and restaurants. Today, noren are also displayed as beautiful artworks.

Our noren are hand dyed by the Nagata dyeing house in Izumo, Japan. Shigenobu and Masao Nagata — fourth and fifth generation father and son craftsmen are one of only a few remaining natural indigo dye houses in all of Japan.

The noren are dyed using a process called ‘tsutsugaki’. Rice is steamed for over a week to create a glutinous resist paste. Shigenobu then applies the paste by hand to define the areas into which the dye will not penetrate, creating the beautiful white contrast against the indigo.

Before the dyeing can begin, indigo is fermented for two to three weeks. The fabric is immersed in the bath for up to twelve times and dried between dips. The longer the fabric is immersed, the darker the color, and by controlling the depth to which the fabric is dipped, rich gradations of indigo can be created.

After dyeing, the fabric is washed by hand in the nearby Takase River and finally hung on a bamboo pole to dry. The total process takes around three months to complete.

Design Concept (by Hannah Waldron)
“This work was inspired whilst on a journey to find James Turrell's House of Light in the Tsumari Echigo region of Japan, which I reached by cycling up a very steep winding mountain path. But this work speaks more broadly of a journey of realisation, an emerging awareness of the interconnection of everything - a desire line towards trying to understand my place in the world as integrated with nature, rather than apart from. For me, this Desire Line series serves as a mantra for reconfiguring my own personal connection to the world.”

Read more in Hannah’s blog post or see more photos in our blog post (Japanese)


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Furoshiki are the original multi-use textile. The Japanese have been using them to wrap things since the 17th century but today they’re worn as chic scarves, carried as lightweight bags and displayed as works of art.


Wear your furoshiki

Our contemporary designs give a modern edge to the traditional furoshiki, and look stunning as a scarf. Each design is printed by hand onto premium cotton giving a soft feel and elegant drape, then the edges are carefully hand rolled and sewn. Furoshiki scarf gallery


Turn it into a bag

You can easily convert your furoshiki into a simple shoulder bag with one of our handmade straps — ideal for lightweight travels, or in those unexpected moments when you need an extra bag.

How to turn your furoshiki into a bagJust thread the corners of the furoshiki through the metal buckles of the strap, pull to tighten and you're done. They don’t damage the fabric so you can easily switch between using your furoshiki as a scarf or a bag. See all our bag sets here


Hang it in the home

Turn your furoshiki into a beautiful artwork by hanging it with our display pole.

Furoshiki display pole

The wooden construction sandwiches the furoshiki into poles at the top and bottom, gently pulling the furoshiki flat and creating a simple display for the furoshiki. Learn more about the display pole


Learn how to wrap

The Japanese have perfected the art of wrapping furoshiki over 400 years. You can use one of the many traditional techniques to elegantly wrap anything from books to bottles and make any gift extra special. See our wrapping guide

Learn how to wrap furoshiki

Why multi-use matters

We’re reluctant to use the term “eco-friendly” as making any product consumes resources. But the great thing about furoshiki is that they can be used in so many ways; they spend less time in your closet, and more time in use.

That’s not going to save the planet, but it’s a better use of resources and helps you declutter your life a little bit too.


Handmade in Japan

We believe Japanese craftsmanship is second to none. That’s why all our furoshiki are hand-printed and sewn in Japan by a family-owned business with over 50 years experience in furoshiki production. See our furoshiki being made here

Hand printing furoshiki in Japan

By collaborating with international artists and designers, we aim to cross cultures and generations by creating beautiful, functional products that merge contemporary design with traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Learn more about the story behind Link

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